Draft and negotiate agreements without the pain

Automate the boring, wasteful tasks. Focus on the terms.

Solicitors and legal counsel should be focussed on getting the best terms for their clients and making sure they understand what they are signing up to. However, negotiations can quickly descend into version control chaos.

Whether you are preparing contracts, articles or deeds, you are likely to have marked-up versions of documents flying in all directions.

Keeping track of what has changed and issues that still need to be addressed causes headaches and spiraling fees without adding any value to the deal.

Barbal brings calm to negotiations by automating version control and giving full visibility of all changes in flight.

Simply import a precendent or a first draft prepared by a document automation tool. Then manage the negotiation with ease to get the best terms for all parties without unneccesary waste or delay.

Book a demo to find out how Barbal can help you to spend more time doing interesting work and save your clients money.

Import a precedent or a document prepared by an online document builder, negotiate, sign, smile