Barbal for in-house Legal Teams

Painful, wasteful and costly

Negotiating contracts can involve many people on both sides of the table, including sales, procurement, finance, delivery and legal. The more people who get involved, the more complicated the admin gets and things slow down.

Time is spent managing comments, chasing actions and merging changes, leading to costly delays and frustration.

Buyers move on and delivery teams get impatient; the risk of a contract going cold or doing work at risk increases.

From bottleneck to facalitor

Your team might be accused of slowing things down, or even the reason a deal fell through. We know that you’re doing your best, but your tools aren’t helping your business to succeed.

  • Close more deals
  • Avoid disputes and work at risk
  • Save time and money
  • Do more law.

“65% of Legal professionals identify time lost on administrative tasks as their biggest pain point”
Global legal survey

How it works

Benefits for in-house teams

  • A single place for drafting, comments and progress tracking
  • Assign actions and help people focus quickly on what they need to do
  • Automate merging comments and drafts
  • Integrated playbooks and annotations only visible to certain teams
  • Full visibility of deals in progress and their status
  • See who changed what, when and why through an integrated audit trail

Barbal streamlines your contract negotiation and review processes

  • Collaborative drafting and automated merging
  • Manage who can see comments (keep private, share internally or with the other side)
  • Group associated changes and track issues as separate items
  • Compare any two versions to see what has changed
  • Integrate annotations and playbooks to help sales and procurement teams make the right decision about certain terms
  • Full audit trail, version control and records for future discovery or litigation

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