Enterprise documentation

Manage documentation through frequent revisions without administrative pain

Your organisation’s business management systems, standards and procedures are the life-blood of your operations.

In project enterprises, keeping the connection between corporate and project documentation is essential to control business risks and manage efficiency, quality and innovation across the organisation.

However, corporate documentation can often feel out of date and disconnected from what’s really happening on the ground, leaving everyone confused about what they should be doing and where to look for the latest company documents. Projects can move faster than the enterprise or will act as though they are their own entity, completely disregarding corporate procedures.

When used as an enterprise documentation platform, Barbal brings corporate and project teams closer, tightening feedback loops and making sure documentation stays relevant and used.

Functionality allows project variations and clarifications, whilst maintaining a link with the source documents meaning that as changes get published, project documentation can be updated as appropriate for the project’s needs.

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