De-risking construction contract management

Human error in contract preparation putting is your projects at risk

From contracts and standards through to feasibility reports and tender documents, text documents continue to be an essential part of delivering construction projects. .

It’s an area that still causes too much administrative pain where even minor version control issues can result in disputes.

The potential – Knowledge as a Service

Manage contracts and specifications as content that can be re-used across documents. Quickly propogate changes and avoid the pit-falls of copy and paste.

Move away from static PDFs into digital documents under total version control, so that no-one ever works with out of date requirements or information.

Back-to-back contracts. Managed.

A pyramid of documents with arrows signifying a flow down between the tiers

Barbal is a collaboration platform perfectly suited to managing construction contracts and procurement, with full visibility of contractual requirements down the supply chain.

Through a lean workshop and pilot approach the technology can be in place and driving risk reduction and efficiency for your projects within 4 weeks.

For more information please book a demo, or email Barbal Head of Construction Tom Bartley.