Barbal joins prestigious LawTech accelerator Barclays Eagle Labs

Barbal is delighted to announce that it is has been accepted into the Barclays LawTech Eagle Labs accelerator. This follows on from the successful launch of Barbal’s beta application and onboarding our first users, who are collaborating on an international specification in the platform. 

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Barclays LegalTech incubator provides mentoring, co-working, events and office space for LegalTech startups. Businesses are brought closer together with commercial organisations, universities and industry players to allow startups the opportunity to develop, encourage growth and innovation across the LegalTech sector. Collaborating with partners such as The Law Society and Legal Geek, as well as top innovative firms such as DWF and Clifford Chance, the incubator aims to close the gap between the legal industry and tech solutions. This helps companies scale up and progress, further setting in stone the UK’s prominence as a leader in the legal services sector.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further outlined the need for law firms to adopt emerging technology. The majority of LegalTech startups are small innovators looking to break into the legal sector and they’re yet to work nationally or globally. This poses the challenge for decision-makers in the legal sector to invest in the right technology, and be in the race to improve client engagement overall, that’s why some of the larger legal firms have set up their own incubators. The Barclays Eagle Labs incubator bridges the natural gap between small LegalTech organisations and national or global law firms. 

We spoke to Tom Bartley, Barbal’s CEO, about joining Barclays Eagle Labs

What are your thoughts on this opportunity?

It’s a really exciting opportunity for Barbal, our Beta application has just gone live with our first users. Joining the incubator will give us an opportunity to further evaluate the use cases for the tool. Having access to feedback and validation on our product and value proposition is really important to Barbal’s growth and we are really proud to have been given this opportunity.

What do you hope to achieve from joining the incubator?

We have established good relationships with the law firms in the South West, however, we have not yet branched out to the large London firms. In terms of LegalTech, London is one of the most innovative regions in the world, with an active ecosystem of startups, tech companies and progressive law firms, joining this environment is the perfect next step for Barbal. The incubator partners with a range of different law firms, which is great news for Barbal as it will help us test our value proposition and use cases across a range of distinct legal organisations. 

The fact that we will be working closely with other LegalTech startups is another exciting prospect. As a company, we are all about collaboration, and we relish the opportunity to be a part of a collaborative community. Barclays Eagle Labs will provide us with a gateway to future partnerships with LegalTech businesses with complementary solutions that could transform the legal industry.

Anything else to add?

We are delighted to have been accepted into the programme and look forward to working with the Barclays team. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the company and a huge milestone for Barbal. I’m very grateful to the Barclays team for giving Barbal this platform to expand and I’m excited to grow with the programme.

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